Sunday, March 04, 2018

Homeless, Civil Rights, Health Laws, Gays And Progressives

San Francisco homeless problem is in a crisis stage. Districts are variously infected. The main areas are in the commercial sections. Beleagured business operators who are losing business don't have the clouts or votes of primarily residential sections.Consequently the civil rights of defecating and urinating homeless is respected more than the public who are exposed to these health hazards.Maybe because San Francisco is the modern day home of gay marriages and their own special health hazards of HIV/AIDS that follows the courting and mating of the homosexuals that foul living habits of homeless is the new normal.It's Ok. If AIDS/HIV is tolerated and supported without criticism unless one wants to get sued or worse we owe it to the homeless for free roaming filth production. Progressives run San Francisco. If they wanted to stop filth on the streets they could. Simply get a determination that cholera or some such other diseases can suddenly occur because of these unchecked homeless conditions. But maybe the progressives are using the homeless as a foil against anyone looking to shut down homosexual rights in the United States. My own view is homosexuality and homelessness are health issues. That trumps civil rights issues.Sooner or later many will see it my way.

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