Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Money And A Solution For Inequality

We are constantly reminded and sometimes sued to reinforce the laws that instruct all are equal. So with that dubious fact which ignores the fact that we are known by our differences,politicians and union organizers point out income distribution that is unequal. From there they leap out of their fox holes and charge any one and everyone who has more money. I have a thought .How about a simple cure. Make money equal. It would be easier than reasoning with people who have ideas that they never reasoned into. Then by extension the holders would be equal. For example. Instead of having currency in different denominations why not omit zeros. For example. A fiver would look the same as a tener and they both look like a Grover. A Grover means Grover Cleveland who's on the thousand dollar bill.All would have bragging rights of wealth equality. But some would have more non denominational currency? So? What about the obese? They are already fat.They don't need more fat. But aren't thy victims? No. Victims look like people in Sudan.Our "victims" are dress and trouser sizes that could hold three or more Sudanese.

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