Sunday, July 20, 2014

Netanyahu Claims Civilian Deaths In Gaza Are Mostly Human Shields: He's As Bad As The Nazi

How did Nazi Party Minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels whip up hatred for the Jews in the run up to the extermination camps. He portrayed them as sub-human.How does Benny Netanyahu of Israel answer critics of his mostly civilians deaths in the Israeli Gaza assault? He calls the dead mostly " human shields". Israel's bombardment of Gaza which is no bigger than 1/2 of Washington D.C. includes, naval gun boats, air-to-surface missiles, artillery, tanks, mortar and ground troops.By definition these types of weapons are for mass killings on a battle field. But when used in an small urban setting the result is constructively as bad as the gas chambers in Nazi Germany during the holocaust. Massive damage is inflicted randomly.Israel is committing war crimes and should be shunned by civilized nations.

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