Monday, August 04, 2014

Airbnb San Francisco: Make Yourself At Home And Don't Worry About The Neighbors

Airbnb is rolling out in San Francisco. San Francisco, where people leave their hearts and find new experiences.The night life that carries over to the next day is more apt to happen here than any other swinging city. Meet new people. Have a ball.Raise the roof. But what about the neighbors? Don't give it a thought. Airbnb has the fix in at a politically friendly City Hall. Already the Planning Commission is rolling back decades old common sense residential neighborhood conforming codes so Airbnb can bring out-of-towners into the serenity of quiet neighborhoods.Parking? Not a problem. Use what's available.Screw the block.Who are the neighbors going to complain to? There's no front desk at Airbnbn rentals. Late party noise? So what. Airbnb has no clerk standing by to hear complaints.What's a neighbor who has lived there for years to do to these yahoo's from out-of-town? Knock on the door and tell them to be quiet? Well that could be the beginning of a vigilante event but only if it's backed up by some credible threat. It's not old fashion, " A man's home is his castle." Sounds like a good plea of self defense in court.

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