Saturday, August 30, 2014

Google Insurance: Why? Because You Will Need It

The boys at Google are in the news again. This time they are experimenting with drone aircraft. Google wants to get into parcel delivery.They are running tests in Australia. That's not like downtown New York or San Francisco. I guess they want no costly mistakes . After all "What could possibly go wrong with micro drones delivering parcels in an urban setting?" Of course it 's unarmed and like its name suggests it doesn't have a pilot on board either.Its purpose is to deliver packages.That makes FedEx and UPS potential collateral damage.Google has faith in technology. They are the guys that want us all in driverless autos. Also they want us to wear Google Glass so instead of thinking we just do a Google Search. Maybe we will get distracted just a little bit so we also buy something when searching. Are these guys greedy?Any way. The articles that I have reviewed all start the same way. Google's driverless car or Google's drone delivery project..... And then immediately in the next paragraph comes the question. "No one is quite sure of liability questions". But suppose Google all along wanted to get into the insurance business.That's how Warren Buffett made his swag. He took insurance premiums and played the stock market.Why would any one need insurance? No pilot on board! No driver in front seat! That's why you want insurance.

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