Saturday, August 02, 2014

Progressive Philosophy And Ebola Asylum

Two American aid workers infected with Ebola are being flown from West Africa to the U.S. Ebola is 40-80% lethal. Casual contact can infect. The plane being used carries only one patient at a time. Think about that for a moment. The implications of cost and contagion exampled by a single large jet carrying only one person. Ebola is an extension of our embracing/normalizing HIV/AIDS. The whole of a person outweighs a part even if that part has the power to destroy disproportionately . It all started with the outlawing of critical thinking way back in 1964. Progressives in government taught caution to students about drawing personal conclusions. In fact teaching was followed up by punitive law suits if the student didn't go along and include any one. And I mean ANYONE. Progressives peddle a philosophy that no matter if you are in death row or are infected by ebola we are there for you. Meanwhile the will to power by bacteria of all sorts including Ebola has been granted asylum and a kind of citizenship in the U.S.

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