Thursday, May 29, 2014

Affirmative Action & Diversity Goals Solution: How About Cap And Trade?

How can we reconcile affirmative action and diversity goals in our society without sacrificing meritocracy and efficiency? Actually we can have both ways with a cap and trade system. Pollution problems have been addressed by polluters buying credits from non-polluters.For example, a Google spokesman was on the PBS News Hour last night. He was owning up to Google's past which didn't include enough diversity in the ranks. There were not enough women and minorities. The firm was made up mostly of white males. He cited a recent MIT study which showed that a more diverse employment results in higher profits. One wonders if Google is making the right choice in changing directions going forward. After all they are one of the most successful companies of all time by pursuing their narrow merit based hiring . Why change now? Maybe they have succumbed to the PC harpies.Whatever.Suppose Google had an alternative to its lack of diversity without actually being more diverse?We all know Congress is filled with all the diversity that no one really wanted or needed. But that's the nature of mature democracies. Odd balls rise up as more and more of them reach voting age. What if Google could send a check to Congress in lieu of hiring some one they really didn't want? That would be a win -win. Because we know that Congress wants a check more than it wants diversity.

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