Saturday, May 24, 2014

Liberal Media: Historical Reason

The roots of a liberal media are imbedded in the quest to increase circulation. Telling people about the facts of a story is comparatively dull to adding reasons , real or imagined , behind the facts of the story. Add discrimination as a reason behind the story and immediately the paper will tap into a baited audience.Any subject has a yin and yang.The paper has to pick one side. Circulation necessarily demands that the paper seek out the lowest common denominator of readership.That also helps ad sales with mass marketers . So we end up with stories that glorify or support generally the have nots against the haves.Even if there are no "haves" the editor would have to invent one to have a target for his "have nots". And then comes the politicians who declare " If I'm elected I will address this unbalanced situation to the reward of the discriminated". George Bernard Shaw said, " Most people shouldn't have been born". Newspaper editors would never allow that Shavian truth to guide their publishing efforts.ERGO that's why we are where we are.

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