Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SodaStream Stock Fall & Boycott Israel Connection

Yesterday Israel-based SodaStream stock fell 26% because of a projected 30% shortfall in projected profits.The company is a poster character of what comprises the "Made in Israel" label.It's plant is in the occupied territories of historical Palestine. In fact the European Union highest court ruled that SodaStream products couldn't advertise the Made in Israel logo on products sold in the EU because of that ongoing crime.No one can make excuses faster than a Zionist. So company officials put out an official statement regarding the earnings miss with these excuses. "SodaStream sales reflect challenging holiday season in the U.S. and several factors including lower selling prices and higher product costs, a shift in product mix and unfavorable foreign currency changes." No mention of BDS a.k.a. boycott, disinvest, sanction Israel because of occupation. I asked the question on Facebook's SodaStream posting wall, "Did BDS Israel impact SodaStream's earnings results? Soda didn't respond. But they removed my question! I'll take that as a definite YES to may question. BDS does workk. Israel shouldn't exist. Boycott their products and their political advice and influence.

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