Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Serena Williams Is Hybrid Species Of Liberalism

I saw African American Serena Williams on the tennis courts yesterday. She was in Australia for their Open. My jaw was almost as dropped as hers. But mine was from amazement at her build whereas her is from a natural physical fact. The close ups of face and body could have been a cartoon of soft porn.Examining her from top to bottom - a sure 5' 9"--showed a dead heat for protrusions of forehead, fake eyelashes and size whatever large feet. The grossness and muscularity of the women suggested steriods and/or rigorous body building. But no comments from PC conscious tennis commentators.But by that lack of the observation of the obvious near monkey grandiosity , I think more people were forced to comment privately or to others. God, someone has to say something. We aren't dumb. Looks to me like another triumph of Civil Rights and political correctness that this tennis pro is welcomed as eligible for equality. What's that make us? Serena is a hybrid species of near monkey and legal entitlement.

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