Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trouble In Paradise:San Francisco Cause Celebre Minorities Hate Crimes

During the two day talkathon in the Supreme court about same sex marriage and other trivia best left to private discussion.  San Francisco residents have spoken quite eloquently about how they feel about these issues. You may know that San Francisco is home to cause celebre minorities such as illegal aliens who have sanctuary city benefits. I.E. no reporting to federal authorities of their illegal presence.Another cause celebre indigenous specie to S.F. is the multiple forms of homosexual sub groups and in general those who are confused about their sexual orientation . But in San Fran there is someone for everyone.But what happens when one celebrated group picks on another? What's a nanny Board of Supervisors to do ? How can they possibly take sides? Hello Supervisor David Campos. Behold Campos he's two for one. He is both a homosexual and is in the United States illegally. The petri dish of San Francisco politics produced this freak of democracy. Former Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed Campos to the Board with full knowledge of Dave's quasi credentials. Gav figured only a guy like Campos could make Newsom look good. If that were at all possible? Trouble is some members of the Hispanic community don't like transgender people. They never saw one in Old Mexico. So recently there have been assaults by Hispanics on transgender and other reps of the homosexual community. Campos stomped his feet and wants the police to stop this outrage.

How about transgenders and other confused types only frequent certain special bars that cater to their types. The bars should be named "The Closet".

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