Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Endangered Species Poaching: Rewards For Dead or Alive Poachers

Game wardens and security measures that try to protect endangered species like Rhinos, Tigers, Lions, Elephants, Bears etc have not been effective enough to stop the ghastly slaughter of the animals. Viet Nam, China, Thailand and other Asian destinations still get their immoral and illegal body parts of the hapless noble beasts of the forests. The World Wildlife Fund and the respective countries that are losing their national identity because of poachers should try offering rewards for the arrest and conviction of the people who are doing the killing . These reward should include the people in distribution of the animal parts. In a better world I would recommend the reward be given for poachers on a dead or alive basis. Sling their bodies across the hood of a Range Rover and leave them to rot. But until we reach that better world, offer cash rewards instead.


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