Thursday, August 08, 2013

Technology Driven Deflation Is Pushing Us Towards Barter System

The unions have gone away. The middle class is going away. Wages are going away on a relative basis when buying power and less hours worked are added up. The Federal Reserve for all intents and purposes is giving money away. to offset the realities of deflationary trends. So far the drunken sailor monetary policy has failed to reignite job growth or wage increase in any satisfactory way. What's to be done? Well its being done. Technology driven deflation is pointing the way to salvation. Salvation will be a barter system. If adopted, a bartering society will erase unemployment immediately. It will also point out people who are worthless to themselves and by implication to society. Barter will also humanely kill off  bureaucrats . There won't be any checks to cash There won't be any interest to collect. And military proxy wars will go away. And humans will take their place and only one place. They won't be able to "invest" in corporations that decimate the planet. Rhinos and other endangered species will get a pass also.

 Barter and kill a bureaucrat or investor. Sounds good to me.

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