Monday, November 21, 2011

Minority Student Burden:Leadership & Excellance

Since the 1960's Civil Rights legislation, its fair to say thatl public school teaching goals have been switched from the pursuit of excellence  to the pursuit of inclusion. I.E.advancement in learning is only worthwhile if all advance.Individual excellence is constructively elitism and not to be celebrated. Our top students most now idle until the most obtuse student in the class catch up. This is particularly difficult with some students from foreign countries who are here legally or illegally. They just don't get the American language and culture.

But this "don't get it" problem also applies to native African Americans. Particularly the boys are a problem. But they do understand one thing about the new goals of the U.S. teaching. They know that the blacks really control the agenda. So if they don't get the lessons or don't excel in the lessons they can effectively hold everyone back as an exercise of power. Perhaps the burden of leadership in schooling is too much for them and they resort to a kind of nihilism towards education in general as a cover up.

Care giving is not an occupation for smarter children. They should be segregated from the nihilists..

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