Friday, December 23, 2011

Attention Stock Market Traders : You Are Not Really Trading

Wonder why trading the stock market these days is so difficult, more so than in the past? Consider this. The contra- party traders that are on the other side of most of your losing trades have access to a real time account of the open interest in stocks. I.E. they can tell how "short" or how "long" the short term trading community is at any moment of the day. If the short term trading community crosses a crfitical point then all that is necessary is for a short term bear or bull raid by these parties with that crucial knowledge to cause the weak hands to stampede.

The take away from these facts is simple. One isn't trading when one is merely a rank and file market speculator. One is really only a witness to a construtive theft by Wall Street gangsters who have influnced congress to change regulations that allow this de facto "front running" orders. Next time you run into a politician or Wall Street broker, insult them. They will understand.

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