Monday, March 21, 2005

Wolfowitz & World Bank- Whats he up to now?

Paul Wolfowitz the contraversial Pentagon Likudnik is on his way to the World Bank as its new president. How can that profit Israel and/or the military-industrial complex ?

Here are some thoughts.

An op-ed piece in "The New York Times" on February 2, 2005 was written by Frank Carlucci. He was President Reagan's Secretary of Defense from 1987 to 1989. He is currently Chairman Emeritus at the Carlyle Group where he directs policy with George H. W. Bush and others who have connections to the American Enterprise Institute and The Project for the New American Century. Carlyle is an investment firm with a weighted portfolio in firms who make profits from preparing for war(they call it defense spending) or from war itself.They are also in a position to make things happen to help their investments.

Carlucci was bemoaning the fact that after 6 years of the U.S. led invasion of Kosovo, the enclave is still in financial limbo. Simply, because the U.N. administers its affairs, foreign investors cannot get bank financed investments. Kosovo needs a final independent status.Voila! Wolfowitz will be in an important position when that status is resolved.

Also on March 7, 2005, United Defense, the maker of the Bradley Fighting Vechicle, announced the sale of the company to BAE Systems,a British military contractor for $4 billion. United Defense is 49% owned by the Carlyle group. Could construction firms be the new additions to the Carlyle portfolio?Destroy first then rebuild-in growth we trust.

What about the Likudnik connection? The World Bank has a say in policy at the Palestinian Authority! One can be sure Israel's interests will be represented.

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