Friday, November 08, 2019


What do Tim Cook of Apple, Mark Bennioff of Salesforce and George Soros have in common besides being super wealthy? They and others support housing the homeless. To that end they aggressively support election propositions that fund at the tax payers expense free housing to any from any where who qualify. How do you qualify? First be filthy. Second sleep on the streets.Building shelters for "homeless" is one thing. But long term care is quite another.It's a budget buster for governments. And it doesn't solve the homeless problem It actually subsidizes homelessness.Maintenance is far more expensive and the ultimate costs are largely unknown when providing services to people who don't really care about themselves.These homeless caring billionaires should prove their sincerity by adopting street people. Put them in the will. Have them over for dinner.Why should any government pay for a personal wish from a billionaire who could fulfill the wish personally?Just like caring people do at the SPCA when they adopt dogs or cats in rescue programs. Pay for spay/neuter. Give required shots. Hand out Health Code books. And in general keep in touch with their adopted family.How many would do that? Short of that life-long commitment they should stay the F%$#K out of homeless social engineering.

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