Thursday, November 07, 2019


Mayor London Breed of San Francisco was re-elected to another four year term this past Tuesday at $300,000 per year.Her competition were only two. One was a street minister. No mention what street he preached on. Probably the bottom of his shoes qualified him for a requirement of health warning sign to be worn at all times.The other believed in the second amendment which evidently was not politically correct.Any other qualifications were not included in his bio.London celebrated with her special smoothie named for her with a side of french fries-she could make three of her constituents.Her biggest hurdle is being taken seriously outside the City And County Of San Francisco and that's before she opens her mouth.She says she proud she came from the impoverished part of the City. Impoverished? How did she afford all the junk food? Her brother doing time for serious felonies. Breed actually petitioned former Governor Jerry Brown for a pardon. The reason? She doesn't understand civilization and savior faire.She has the full support of the City's Board of Stupidvisors in fast tracking building permits to construct homes for the filthy street people. They have waved alphabet acronym hiring quotas for contractors engaged in the construction.This has the making of a kind of land rush coming from all points of the compass to come to San Francisco and stay. Only show up wearing dirty clothes and you will be immediately be put on the waiting list for free occupancy. Of course health code laws will be waved until new arrivals get house broken. Look at San Francisco and then look at what the apocalypse promises. Apocalypse Now.

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