Saturday, December 18, 2021


Last night in Washington when most people across the land were asleep, Rahm Emanuel was confirmed as Ambassador to Japan. Rahm is coming. Rahm is coming !!! All of Japan should change their passwords. Rahm's ambassador appointment may be his latest incarnation in America's political scene but he is first and foremost a line bred Zionist and an unofficial Ambassador At Large of Zionism. Before Rahm is through with his new postion he may offer "proof" that Japan's emperor has Jewish blood but Rahm won't publish the information if Japan gives a yearly stipend to Israel.Zionists have weaponized their promient traits of lying, hatred and paranoia. To stop them one has to become like them. Most people draw the line of becoming like Zionists. That's why Zionism still exists. There's hope. Nothing lasts forever.

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