Friday, September 13, 2019


New born babies cry.Hint of things to come?People who were born yesterday, speaking of their mental abilities, usually become misanthropes before noon of the next day.I believe it's about population. There is an inverse relationship between the number of too many people crowded into areas and the pleasure of their company.How many humans should be optimum to mitigate that inverse relationship? The classic ages of humans was roughly a time line starting with the Egyptians in 3000 B.C. through the Babylonians and Chinese and on to the Assyrians and Persians and then the Greeks and then the Romans. I'm sure there are others who are noteworthy but I'm more interested in what the approximate collective population of those societies were. According to Wikipedia the worlds inhabitants totaled about 250 -500 million in those eras.Fast forward to the early 1970's when our numbers were approximately 3.7 billion. At that level of occupancy we noticed a collapse in fish stocks in the wild and the extinctions of flora and fauna in inhabited areas. Safely said that the animals that we kill and eat and the resources that we humans despoil for our frivolous utility have better pedigrees and are more rare than the humans that consume them.Now we are looking at 8 billion fun-seeking and hungry humans who all want. That want can't be satiated without rendering what we see everyday becoming unrecognizable soon.Forget the prophets and the good books ? They still have wisdom. But on a day to day basis misanthropy will be more helpful in designing a future.What part will gadgets play? I think less gadgets and more personal value added will make some indispensable and large swaths of others redundant. Gadgets have degraded natural selection and prolonged stagnation in individual thinking. And what about the others ? Let them fix their own problems.

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