Sunday, October 21, 2007

Arthur Schopenhauer Predicts Michael Ladeen

The ninteenth century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, " Jews were the master of the lie" . Personally I think that is an overstatement. But it is applicable to certain warmongering Zionists. Which brings up one of the American Enterprise Institute resident scholars Michael Ladeen. Schopenhaauer predicts the like of Mike.

Yesterday in the WSJ, Ladeen did a piece titled " Victory Is Within Reach In Iraq? He makes this preposterous claim after 4 plus years of U.S. killing in Iraq which unleashed a civil war and now threatens world peace. U.S. losses number over 3800, app. 75,000 American forces are wounded or disabled and over $ 700 billion has gone up in smoke. Iraqi losses are even greater. Estimates of over 1,000,000 dead, app 5,000,000 Iraqi dislocated from their homes or the country itself and now the country is in a de facto partitioned state with no end in sight. Is this what victory looks like? Could anything happen in Iraq now to make the sum total of America's involvement even resemble a victory? No Ladeen's claim is unbelievable.

Ladeen also mentions that since the Brits mostly left southern Iraq some normalcy has returned. Well isn't that really an argument for American withdrawal rather than an example of a British "victory" in Sothern Iraq? Ladeen wants to build on this "victory in Iraq" by taking the action cross border into the " terror masters of Iran". Hey Mike, when they come for the Zionists who will hide you?

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